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Living close to nature is both a calming and exciting experience. However, proximity also increases the chance for intrusion. Squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other fauna can easily take up residence in and around your property, which can expose you to real health and safety risks. There are ways to keep wildlife in the wild without harming you, your property, or the environment. For safe, effective, and humane wildlife control, count on Carolina Wildlife Removal of Raleigh, North Carolina. As your dependable wildlife removing company, Carolina Wildlife Removal provides the resources you need to preserve the privacy and integrity of your home or business.

Our Services

Wildlife Removal & Exclusion

Wildlife Removal Service Keeps Your Home and Family Safe:
Don’t let pesky animals invade the sanctity of your home. When you hear scurrying or smell something strange in your home, let Carolina Wildlife Removal survey your property for intruders. Our wildlife removal service finds rodents, pests, and creatures trying to hide on your premises. We also provide safe and humane removal that protects you and the environment. We use thermal imaging cameras to throughly inspect your home. Contact us today to request an in-home inspection and bring the wildlife back into the wild. Our team serves customers throughout Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as the surrounding area.

Bat Removal & Exclusion

Get Rid of Bats – Removal Services Dispel Them for Good:
When it comes to your health and safety, no animals threaten your peace of mind more than bats. Removal and exclusion are the only effective means of protecting your home from bat invaders. At Carolina Wildlife Removal of Raleigh, North Carolina, we apply strict attention to detail, as well as effective trapping methods, to rid your property of bats. The Carolina Wildlife Removal team has extensive experience removing bats from historic homes, hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings.
When it comes to bats, removal and exclusion are Carolina Wildlife Removal’s specialties. During the removal process, no bats are harmed. Carolina Wildlife Removal also pays special attention to your property. As a result, your building is free from pests and your property’s exterior remains neat and orderly.

About Carolina Wildlife Removal

Joseph Herring and the staff at Carolina Wildlife Removal are dedicated to making sure that any unwanted wildlife that may be hiding in your home or business are properly captured and removed. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Carolina Wildlife Removal is always prepared to find and capture lingering pests, while also upholding an unwavering regard for providing humane treatment and relocation. Thanks to in-depth exclusion methods, this company makes a point to ensure your pest problems have long-lasting solutions. Learn more about our company’s values, and be sure to contact us to receive an estimate for any wildlife removing services you may need.

There are many ways that unwanted wildlife and pests can enter your home. Squirrels gain entry through the attic or the soffit along your roof line. Raccoons and opossums find their way into your crawlspace and attic through openings in the vents and attic fans. Bats can get into almost any attic through cracks in the vents or behind the chimney. All it takes is a single crack no wider than your index finger for bats to find a roosting place. It's not uncommon to find a dozen or more bats using your attic as a roost. On top of that, bats are known to carry rabies and histoplasmosis. Call Carolina Wildlife Removal and enjoy responsive service. The removal team usually arrives the same day and gives an inspection.


Kevin Neshat
Had a very good experience with Carolina Wildlife. Squirrels in our attic that were out of reach. Very thorough. Set traps outside 3 story house, checked them daily for weeks until certain squirrels were removed. Came back to the house and closed all gaps and put netting on possible entry points. Highly recommend.
A. Langlois
Dealt with CWR twice, quick responses both times. Needed them to check on a screen they installed years ago; turned out to not be a problem; no charge.

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